translated from Spanish: Father of the missing child in Lebu questioned version of the child’s great-uncle, who was the last person to be with the child

The search continues for little Thomas, the missing child on Wednesday in the commune of Lebu. The last person to be with the child was his great-uncle, Jorge Vargas, who lost sight of him when they were looking for some cows. The child’s father, Moses Bravo, questioned Vargas’ version and commented not to understand the situation.
“It is understandable that he has returned and may have wanted to go home, but I really do not explain how an adult goes out with a child in search of animals, what contribution will he give him?Why do you leave him alone if he wants to go alone?” said Bravo in conversation with 24 Hours.
He added that “it’s seven minutes he says (in which the child is lost), I don’t know what seven minutes are like, if he was looking at the time or walking on a stopwatch, I really don’t know, I don’t explain it, it doesn’t fit in my head.”
He finally emphasized that “after you critically ask him where’s my son? and answering null or not, it’s not a real answer.”
For his part, the grandfather’s version was that “we went looking for the cows (…) We found them and toured the sector and then we got to a part where he left off and went down to get the cows and left him alone (…) and when I came back I didn’t find him.” In turn, Vargas believes the boy may have gone out on the road and someone “took it.”
POI indequations advance
The search for the missing minor with a large contingent is still continuing. Specialized team of the PDI of Santiago is already on site with various resources to facilitate the work, in addition to about 600 people who were collaborating in the area.
Prefect Carlos Sanhueza, head of the POI of the Biobío Region, told La Tercera that “we are in the process of collecting information (…) re-analyzing and processing, doing the witness packing work.”
Faced with this, the police officer added that “it would be unwise to anticipate some trial.” But despite that, he argued that “there is more than one hypothesis according to the research we are carrying.”
Following this line, Prefect Sanhueza said that “many people are interviewing, both from the direct family and from industry neighbors and some witnesses who have provided some kind of information through social media and others.”

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