translated from Spanish: Feed Card: With a 50% increase, the monthly amount is recharged

The Ministry of Social Development of the Nation will today recharge 1,500,000 Feed cards and beneficiaries will receive a 50% increase in the amounts received from this month. Contemplating that income is oriented to the purchase of food, it is estimated that it will involve about 10 billion pesos being turned to the market for consumption.” Increasing the Feed card seeks to improve children’s nutrition with access to fresh food while helping to mobilize the economy in the food sector,” said Social Development Minister Daniel Arroyo.

The Feed Card is intended to “guarantee the right to food of the country’s most vulnerable families and promote closeness consumption,” the Social Development portfolio explained in a statement. As it is today, February 19, on the third Friday of the month, the monthly amount of those who hold the card in physical form will be recharged. For their part, those who receive the funds through Universal Child Assignment (AUH) are receiving the top-up through the termination of the document number. Thus, the timetable for these cases provides that the documents completed from 0 to 5 collected on Wednesday, February 17 and those completed in 6 did so yesterday. Today the ID cards completed at 7 will be recharged, on Monday 22 those completed at 8 and on Tuesday 23 the finished at 9.The 50% increase in the amounts will determine a sum of 6,000 pesos for those who have a child; and will become 9,000 pesos for those with two or more children. The Feed Card is intended for mothers and fathers with children up to 6 years of age receiving AUH; pregnant women from the three months they charge the Pregnancy Allowance; and people with disabilities who receive AUH.

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