translated from Spanish: Felix Torres pushed a stadium handball

San Luis Potosí.- Investigations began on the racial act he suffered on the court of the Alfonso Lastras Félix Torres stadium, defender of Santos Laguna who today was expelled after 90 minutes by a conato de bronca in the liga MX duel.The player and Diego Pineda of the red-whites were expelled at the same time, however in the take-off of the broadcast of the game had been unknown the because the series of nudges and offenses between the protagonists happened, the reason is next. 
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Santos lost by 1-0 after the added time in the second half, and that is that frustration and temperament encompassed both teams in the commitment of day 7. In a side kick, a basketball player walks around with a round in his hands without the intention of handing over the Laguna footballers to resume play. 

So the aforementioned Torres runs towards him with the desire to snatch the number 5 and in passing push this person. Suddenly, the deputys of the location ran towards the Ecuadorian in defense of the boy, however, it is unknown who issued the racist insults against Felix Torres. 

Everything starts when Torres runs to the handball pushes him and Atlético de San Luis bench jumps in the face of this action and comes that of Cain and Abel, bad, bad everything. — Paulina Benavente (@pbenaventeg)
February 19, 2021

After these events in San Luis, the president of liga MX, Mikel Arriola expressed himself about it, arguing that any kind of discrimination will not be tolerated in Mexican football, so they will do a thorough investigation to find the culprit. Read more: Liga MX: Felix Torres was said discriminated against in the game Santos lost the undefeated on this date 7 by falling by the slightest difference at home of Atlético de San Luis, who achieved the only one of the night by a header from Nicolás Ibáñez at 15′ of having started the match. Read more: Cabecita Rodríguez was caught at a beach party

Original source in Spanish

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