translated from Spanish: Leeds fell to Wolverhampton at the start of the 25th Premier League date

Leeds United came to the Premier League with the aim of establishing himself in the first division, above all things. However, the momentum given to him by Marcelo Bielsa allowed fans to dream of other results and today he keeps a shot at scratching some classification to Europe.But there are some things that the coach fails to solve and it has to do with irregularity. He goes from playing stick-to-stick with those at the top to suffering with those downstairs, and that’s how he’s in the middle of the table having 10 games won and 12 losers, being one of the most goalanded and one of the most goalters.

Traore starred in Meslier’s goal against Leeds for 1-0. Photo: Reuters

In this case, a key duel came in the quest to continue advancing in the positions of the table and visited Wolverhampton, who was dragging a negative streak and who was able to reverse it with a victory that was only justified by Rui Patricio’s tackles and an unusual goal against Meslier.Se played 63 minutes of play when Leeds had a very clear chance to gain an advantage , but the Portuguese goalkeeper appeared to save his team again. In the next minute, Adama Traore was going to receive on the left and with a run to the center, pulled a big punchline that hit the crossbar and the ball hit the Frenchman in the back for 1-0.Despite attempts to rescue a tie, Leeds closed his second consecutive defeat and placed 12th at the start of the 25th Premier League. On the home side, with this result he rises back in his career for fighting Europa League positions and is in the fight.

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