translated from Spanish: Pandemic causes layoffs in Municipal Market

Guasave, Sinaloa.- As a result of the economic consequences left by this pandemic, in the Municipal Market of Guasave has caused the closure of business and dismissal of personnel, because for many locals it is already impossible to continue in force with the low sales they record. To this day, things have not improved in this respect, so the owners of the various establishments continue to strive against this already desperate adverse situation.
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Shop owners have been able to get around the storm and stay active, but they barely survive.

The coronavirus has brought with it not only the loss of business, but also the loss of family members and loved ones, and it is well known that the owners of stalls in this supply center and its employees, are at risk of spreading day by day to be able to bring food to their homes, highlighted one of the many locals.
The people who work in this property see it as unfair the closure of streets, since that makes customers do not consume us and go long to the supermarkets, because they leave no options to park,” Roberto said.

María Elena, who also has a position, comments on how hard the situation is due to the pandemic, as it has been their turn to see the decline in which many have fallen, reaching the close. Similarly, he points out that not all of the stalls he has seen closed are of first need, as the businesses most affected are clothing stores, mostly, and several food stalls in that area. Hope
The people of the Market are hopeful that with the advent of the vaccine they will improve their sales and increase their revenue, because since the pandemic was present, they have not been able to recover and fear losing their business. Read more: Guasave General Hospital staff complete the Covid-19 vaccination schemeSpervious that the vaccine is very useful for this nightmare to pass and everything will return to normal, so that you are not forced to lower the curtains. Although nothing is pink these days, the owners of positions that have managed to stand, thank God for being lucky enough to continue working, for the obstacles have been many and very difficult to overcome.

Guasave killed by Covid-19

Original source in Spanish

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