translated from Spanish: PDI concludes expertise at the home of minor Tomas Bravo and removes element from the interior

Investigation Police (POI) troops entered the home of 3-year-old Tomás Bravo this afternoon, lost Wednesday in the commune of Lebu, Biobío region, at approximately 19:30 hours. At the end of the pesquisas, officials made a retreat from an element inside the house, which according to 24 Hours, would be a garment.
The element will be derived for scientific studies.
The income of the POI had not happened before. The proceedings were carried out following an order from the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Half a hundred police officers were arriving at the site alongside trained dogs. Even divers arrived from the institution to be able to review the surrounding snear to the house, slogans the aforementioned medium.
According to Cooperativa, about 150 people gathered on the outskirts of the property. Some of them insulted Thomas’ relatives by suspecting a link to the child’s disappearance.
According to the mayor of the Biobío region, Patricio Kuhn, about 300 people have participated in the search for little Thomas. The regional authority explained that PDI is in charge of investigative work, Carabineros focused on safety and Firefighters is collaborating in the process.

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