translated from Spanish: Undersecretary of Health and decree that obliges us to respect timetable: “We saw particular situations that alerted us”

The Undersecretary of Health, Paula Daza, referred on Tele13 Radio to the controversy over the resolution that obliges municipalities to comply with the vaccination schedule emanating from the health authority to the letter, and assured that “most municipalities have fully taken the timetable.”
However, Daza said, “we saw particular situations that alerted us.”
In this line, the Undersecretary of Health called it “risky” for municipalities to change the established agenda, as “we can end up vaccinating people who are not at risk of serious sickness first. That’s why the calendar prioritizes by age.”
“As primary care is used to vaccinate lower-risk, younger people, it is obviously no longer vaccinating its people at higher risk. It comes at a cost, we don’t think it’s right,” Daza added.
Regarding the progress of the plan, the Undersecretary of Health said that the 4 million people vaccinated will likely be vaccinated during February.
On how the situation of the chronically ill will be audited, the inoculation of which will begin on 8 March, Daza indicated that “they can submit any document certifying that they have a chronic disease. It’s not a special document, it doesn’t have to be an updated medical certificate.”

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