translated from Spanish: Elizalde rejects the idea of a primary without the DC and says that the process should include «everyone who commits to substantive transformations»

Socialist Party President Alvaro Elizalde referred to the idea that took force within the PPD, driven by Senator Guido Girardi, to conduct a presidential primary without the participation of Christian Democracy. The socialist senator also said that the primary should be as broad as possible.
«Chile needs something different.  The country deserves more. In this context, the primary must have the highest degree of amplitude. It should involve all those who enter into a programmatic agreement that is an expression of the changes that citizens demand. This is a broad alliance with transformative density. In this legal primary, forces representing democratic socialism and social democracy must compete for citizen support with a common and unitary candidacy, decided democratically in a conventional primary,» he told El Mercurio.
Although not explicit in mentioning the red arrow party, the socialist helmsman clarified that «everyone who commits to a programmatic agreement of substantive transformations» should participate in the primary.
Elizalde insisted that she agrees with a pre-primary to elect a single candidate between HERALDo Muñoz of the PPD and Paula Narváez of the Socialist Party. «Both parties have always supported the same presidential candidate. I laugh, always. Why would this time be different? And the most democratic way to agree is through a conventional primary.  But this is also part of the decision to start a process to form a space with a strategic perspective, with all parties, movements and independents adhering to democratic socialism. This is a process that goes far beyond the juncture,» he said.
However, equally Elizalde did not hide her annoyance regarding Fuad Chaín’s words regarding this internal process between the PS-PPD block which according to the DC helmsman is a «trichiñuela» to face his party, which competes with Ximena Rincon
«Relationships between parties are relationships between equals. Fuad Chahín cannot claim to impose his form of definition of presidential candidacies on other parties. He is the first DC president to have made this a point of discussion. Just as the PS and PPD have had common candidacies, DC had never until now even commented on it. In that sense, with Chahín we have different behaviors. I don’t get involved in the internal affairs of the Christian social world. He doesn’t have to meddle in the affairs of the socialist and social democratic world,» Elizalde said.

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