translated from Spanish: Hugo Moyano said he was empused because he is the president of two Social Works

Following the «VIP» vaccination of journalist Horacio Verbitsky, new vaccinations began to be known that discuss the illegal and selective distribution of vaccines. In this case, Hugo Moyano went out today to explain and in what context the vaccine was placed. In addition to Moyano, his wife, Liliana Zulet, and son Jerome, who is 20 years old and living with them, were vaccinated.» It came out that I’m vaccinated,» Moyano said in an interview with AM 750. But I’m vaccinated because I’m the president of the two social works. And also because of the age I am.» The two social works he referred to are the Social Work of Truck Drivers (Oschoca) of the province of Buenos Aires and that of the National Federation of Truckers.
The trade unionist recounted that the vaccine that was applied was part of «the provision» sent by the government of the City of Buenos Aires to the Antarctic Sanatorium. «I wasn’t part of any VIP vaccinated payroll at all. All the staff at the Antarctic front are being vaccinated,» he said. Moyano not only justified his vaccination, but also those of his wife and son: «My wife and my child (Jerome) work in the Sanatorium. There are many risks at the head of the Sanatorium. The provision was made by the City Government for all those who have a relationship with antarctic sanatorium.» That relationship moyano referred to, as he himself detailed, has nothing to do with the strictly sanitary. «We have permanent contact by the signing of papers, » said the gremialist.
«The city government asked us to list all the personnel who are affected by the Sanatorium and we gave it to them,» Hugo Moyano said. He said: «We put the Antarctic Sanatorium at the service of the pandemic.» Regarding President Alberto Fernández’s decision to kick Ginés González García out, Moyano argued that «it is regrettable that this happened.» I had contact with Ginés González García. These are very special functions. I respect the decision that has been made but I think he was a man who worked hard and who took great care of it,» he said.

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