translated from Spanish: Oleaginosos workers start a stoppage for wage claims on Monday

The Federation of Workers of the Oily Industrial Complex, Cotton And Related Mulchers called for a general strike from 6am on Monday 22nd, calling for the intention of lowering his wages in joint bargaining.» After more than four months have elapsed since the date established for the review clause, the wages of cotton workers continue to lose their purchasing capacity month after month,» they said in a statement.
Workers demand an increase in real terms for an industry that during 2020 did not let work amid the coronavirus pandemic and recorded significant gains in a year marked by the loss of purchasing power. «While the real wages of the mulching family fell month by month, the mulcher business sector conducted declared export operations of $120 million in 2020,» they reported from FTCIODYARA.

Months earlier, the guild had entered into collision with the oil companies and announced in the agro-export ports for the reluctance of the business chambers to wage negotiation, which was resolved with the intervention of the Ministry of Labor of the Nation. In this case, the claim is similar: «They have artificially stretched the negotiation by making derisory wage offers that involve a heavy loss of the worker’s purchasing power, seeking to establish a deteriorated basis with reduced wages for the 2021 pay discussion,» they said.

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