translated from Spanish: Ombudsmans from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru jointly call for facilitate Venezuelan migration

In a unified manner, the Ombudsmans of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru called on their governments to facilitate the mobility of Venezuelan migrants throughout their territories, as well as to generate effective measures to regularize their situation, in order to avoid their social and economic exclusion. It is in this sense that humanitarian organizations aimed at the delivery of temporary or permanent status to all Venezuelans displaced in these territories and facing «fragile and limiting conditions for their survival, together with the approval of these policies at the subregional level». In this regard, they noted that «In view of the persistence of border closures, the Venezuelan collective has seen the risks associated with irregular migration increase, with the rise of expressions of intolerance, manifestations of xenophobia and aporophobia that stigmatizes and criminalizes people in migration.» In view of what they call for «public policies with a focus on human rights that allow the effective and empathetic integration of those who, despite their circumstances, choose to settle temporarily or permanently» in these countries.

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