translated from Spanish: Pandemic steals schools in Sinaloa state

Sinaloa.- Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, at least 161 preschool, elementary and secondary schools in Sinaloa state have suffered theft and vandalism, recognized the Secretary of Public Education and Culture (SEPYC), Juan Alfonso Mejía López. Of this figure, about 25 schools are from Mazatlan and some have suffered more than one heist.  Of a universe of 5,800 campuses in the entity, 161 is a minimum figure, but not a single theft should occur, the official said.
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Because of the pandemic, schools have been left alone for 11 months, at the mercy of vandalism. Wiring, pipe and technological equipment are what lovers of the other take the most. 

They have also damaged doors, windows and walls with graffiti. The official called parents living around schools to be on the back and report irregularities to the Public Safety Authority. Read more: It seeks to enable schools in Sinaloa to serve at-risk students Equally, the authority is required for more surveillance, especially snoring at night, in areas of greater risk, which are normally located in colonies on the periphery, where surveillance is lower. Protecting the virus
Faced with the abandonment and filth of dozens of campuses, the Secretary of Education highlighted that all staff of the virus are being cared for. There are schools where cleaning has already begun and when it is time to return to classrooms teams will be made of teachers and parents to leave the buildings cleaned and disinfected.
On her tour of Mazatlan, Mejía López participated in the meeting of the Center for Basic Education for Adults held at General High School 3, Genaro Estrada.  Juan Alfonso Mejía López emphasized that it is still distant to return to classes would already have to be at green traffic light to return in person to the classrooms. Pre-inscriptions
As of yesterday afternoon, online pre-inscriptions have been pre-inscribed with 102,020 children state-round. Read more: Closing schools generates great educational setback in SinaloaThe holder of the Secretariat of Public Education and Culture, Juan Alfonso Mejía López, recalled that yesterday the third and final stage of the program was closed. According to the report issued on Thursday, February 18 at 9 p.m., of the 102,020 pre-written students, 5,000,387 (5.28 percent) are first-graders; 25 thousand 711 (25.20 percent) second grade preschool; 33 thousand 746 (33.08 percent) first grade, and 36 thousand 176 (36.44 percent) high school.  The highest number of online pre-registrations is recorded in Culiacán, with 36 thousand 103 (35.39 percent). It is followed by Mazatlan, with 15 thousand 096 (14.80 per cent); Ahome with 15 thousand 559 (15.25 percent), and Guasave with 10 thousand 175 (9.97 percent). Mejía López commented that, with the records reached from 2 to 18 February, there is an advance of 81.53 percent in the goal set for the entire pre-registration process, which corresponds to 125 thousand 116 pre-inscribed children. The Data
Unease In the state of Sinaloa there are 5 thousand 800 preschool, primary and secondary education campuses. Of this figure, 161 have been visited by lovers of the alien. They have also been scratched with graffiti, among other damage. 

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