translated from Spanish: There is a deviceous accident in Ecuandureo, Michoacán

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Equandureo, Michoacán.- On friday afternoon, there was an unhicular crash on the Zamora – La Piedad road, in which a trailer and two vans were involved. Fortunately no victims were reported to regret.
The road incident took place in the vicinity of the town of La Nopalera, just above the curve of El Colesio where the white cargo truck one ended up crossed on the asphalt belt, blocking it completely, its identity and whereabouts are ignored.
While the vans involved ended up on an off-road slope, one of them being one of the white Toyota Hilux brand and the other a pickup truck of Yakult products, whose occupants suffered various minor blows.
To attend to the emergency, the Civil Protection, Public Security and also National Guard paramedics were mobilized.
Once the corresponding experts were completed, the sinister vehicles were removed from the area with the support of several cranes, all previous data collected in the news coverage.

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