translated from Spanish: Chahín warns of D.C. exclusion in primary school: «Accepting Girardi’s proposal means giving up being an alternative government»

Christian Democracy (DC) President Fuad Chahín referred to the proposal made by the Senator of the Party for Democracy (PPD) to conduct a presidential primary on July 4 without the participation of the DC.
The lawyer and candidate for the Constituent Convention assured that «Girardi’s idea was still dead,» in an interview with El Mercurio, ensuring that the proposal will have no support in the rest of the parties. Even in the PPD there are those who oppose, such as former Minister Francisco Vidal, and PS President Alvaro Elizalde.
«I don’t think that’s going to happen, because it’s against common sense. I find it hard to imagine that the PS and the PPD, which have long been talking about unity, end up accepting a proposal like Girardi’s, which not only means division, exclusion, but also to give up being an alternative of government. And that’s why a lot of voices on the PS and PPD have come out to disagree. But in addition, the categorical proposal put to it by the PRO and the Radical Party, made this idea of Girardi born dead,» he said.
Chahín expressed his willingness to involve all opposition political actors in the primary. «I hope it is the most voted primary and that from there comes a leadership with force to prevent the election from winning a successor or successor of Sebastián Piñera,» said the leader whose party is promoting Ximena Rincón’s presidential candidacy, and on whom he said «I have no doubt that he will win.»
Although Chahín spoke of the intentions to exclude his party from primary school, he favored not making a deal with the Communist Party. «What remains of the Broad Front has been sued under the Communist Party that has taken the path of insurrection, and that is incompatible. I’m saying this because the PC didn’t sign the November 15 agreement or want to participate in that conversation. Because he voted against legislating constitutional reform. Every time the Communist Party has had the chance to bet on the democratic path in order to drive change through a new Constitution, it has been subtracted. And that makes a very profound difference from a project like Constituent Unity,» he said.
Chahín, who is a candidate for the Constituent Convention for District 22, projected that his party will choose a minimum floor of 15 candidates and the opposition will have at least 60% of the conventional ones.

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