translated from Spanish: Joe Biden targets more Covid-19 vaccines

Washington.- 100 million covid-19 vaccination injections in 100 days, it was what President Joe Biden promised in taking office on January 20, after winning the presidential election in 2020.A plan that at first glance seemed ambitious, a month after his presidency, the Democrat is on a glide path to achieve that goal and go much further toward the much more ambitious and discouraging mission of vaccinating all adults eligible for coronavirus by the end of summer.
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The limited supply of the two approved Covid-19 vaccines has hampered the pace of vaccines and that was before the extreme winter weather slowed the administration of approximately 6 million doses last week. Read more: Joe Biden will look to end cancer after “defeating” covid-19 in the United States But the United States is on the verge of a breakthrough in supply as manufacturing increases and with the expectation that a third vaccine will become available in the coming weeks.

That means the act of administering injections will soon be the dominant restriction, and is prompting the Biden administration to push for drastically expanding the universe of those who will administer injections and where Americans will meet them to receive their injections.” It’s one thing to have the vaccine, and it’s very different to have it in someone’s arms,” Biden said Friday as he toured the Pfizer manufacturing plant in Portage, Michigan. The company is ready to double its rate of vaccine delivery in the coming weeks. Since its adoption in December, more than 75 million doses of the Modern and Pfizer vaccines of two injections have been distributed, of which 63 million have been injected, reaching 13% of Americans. Nearly 45 million of these doses have been administered since Biden’s inauguration on 20 January. The pace of delivery of these vaccines is about to take off. About 145 million doses will be delivered in the next five and a half weeks, and an additional 200 million are expected by the end of May and another 200 million by the end of July. That’s before the Johnson & Johnson Food and Drug Administration’s early approval for emergency use of a third vaccine. The single-dose J&J vaccine is expected to help accelerate the path to immunity and requires half of the vaccination resources of two-injection regimens. But there is no massive dose reserve of J&J ready to be implemented on the first day. Read more: A Month of President Biden: Binational Analysis “Let’s Start with Only a Few Million in Inventory,” White House Covid-19 Coordinator Jeff Zients said last week. Still, when combined with anticipated increases in other vaccines, J&J doses could demonstrate the fundamental advance in giving enough injections for almost all U.S. adults by the end of June, at least a month earlier than currently anticipated. The average daily inoculation rose to 1.7 million injections per day last week, but is expected to soon be available on average up to twice that amount of dose per day. Biden’s team’s approach is now changing rapidly to ensure that those doses can be used, although management has resisted calls from some health experts to publicly set a “full moon” target for the number of daily doses it hopes to administer. Biden first set its target of 100 million doses in 100 days on December 8, days before the first vaccines were granted emergency use. By opening day, it was clear that the United States was on its way to achieving that goal. Read more: Joe Biden hopes that the entire US population will be able to do so. U.S. to be vaccinated before August Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency doctor and public health professor at George Washington University, said that it would like the administration to commit to a more ambitious target of 3 million shots per day.
I want to see them put that stake on the ground and ask everyone to help them achieve that goal,” he said.

The current rate of vaccination has dropped markedly in recent days when winter weather closed administration sites in Texas and throughout the South, and icy conditions left supplies stranded at shipping centers in Louisville, Kentucky and Memphis, Tennessee.A third of delayed doses have already been delivered, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced Sunday , the country’s leading infectious disease specialist. The White House anticipates that the remaining delayed doses will be injected on March 1 and that the daily rate of vaccinations will continue to increase. Much of the increase, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, comes from people receiving their second dose of the Modern or Pfizer vaccine. Meanwhile, the pace of first-dose vaccines has been largely constant over the past few weeks, hovering around an average of 900,000 injections per day.

Joe Biden at the plant where Covid-19 vaccines are focused. Photo: AP

Increasing both the rate of administrations of the first dose and the rate of vaccinations in general will be key to achieving group immunity, which is estimated to require vaccination of approximately 80% of the population, in the hope of ending the pandemic and reducing the onset of potentially more dangerous diseases. “Mutant” strains of coronavirus. That means keeping demand high. The administration has expressed concern about public polls showing that tens of millions of Americans are reluctant to receive the vaccine and are intensifying public outreach to overcome that hesitation as the death toll in the country,” as Fauci said, and “we are not yet out of it.” Dr. Cyrus Shahpar, Covid-19’s data director at the White House, said in an interview that the administration is “focused on getting out into communities and making sure people know that these vaccines are safe and how they can get them, with the goal of vaccinating almost every American.” The administration has also focused on identifying new avenues of vaccine administration beyond those already used by states, including mass vaccination sites run by the federal government, smaller community health centers, and retail pharmacies. The White House’s goal is to build the sites now so that they are ready to handle the influx of vaccines in the coming weeks.” They can boost a lot more volume through those channels, through those big stores, through community health centers,” Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner for the Trump administration, told MSNBC Friday. He commended Biden’s administration for setting up those sites in advance. The Pentagon, at the request of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has begun deploying thousands of active-duty troops to open mass vaccination centers across the country, with plans in place for up to 100 sites capable of administering 450,000 doses per day. The first of those facilities opened last week in California, with locations in Texas and New York opening in the coming days.

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