translated from Spanish: Second, Carlos Tévez’s father died after struggling with various health problems

This Sunday Second, the adoptive father of Carlos Tévez, died. He had been surgically surgery on his neck in mid-February 2020 and then contracted coronavirus on a medical examination. He had a picture of pneumonia, diabetes and Covid-19: he was in intensive care for 45 days until he was discharged on September 4, 2020, although he was then re-admitted and became connected to an artificial respirator. In January of this year, idol Xeneize had acknowledged that his father’s health problem was affecting him and had thanked Don Segundo, his father of the soul, for having raised him:
“Second he took care of me with nothing to do with me. He saw a helpless boy who didn’t have a guide or anything. He’s a fighter, he doesn’t put his arms down, he wants to go on living. As a family, we accompany you at all times. Doctors say one thing but my old man keeps fighting it, keeps marking us how life is lived and marks us a lot.”

For the sad fact, Apache will leave Boca’s concentration in Rosario, will not be in the duel against Newell’s and will return to Buenos Aires.From the club, they expressed their condolences to Carlitos in the face of this difficult moment. 

Boca Juniors mourns the passing of Don Segundo, Carlitos’ father, and accompanies the Tevez family and his friends at this time of so much pain and sadness. A lot of strength! — Boca Juniors (@BocaJrsOficial)
February 21, 2021

Original source in Spanish

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