translated from Spanish: Allanan Ministry of Health for VIP vaccination case

This Monday night the raids were carried out in the Ministry of Health of the Nation after the scandal of the vaccination for privileges revealed on Friday passes by the journalist Horacio Verbitsky.The raid was requested by the federal prosecutor Eduardo Taiana, who demanded the same for the Posadas Hospital and imputed Ginés González García, and was ordered by Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti , responsible for investigating the cause of the “VIP vaccination”.

During it, documentation was found in the case in which it investigates the parallel vaccination plan that the portfolio commanded by the now former health minister organized for his relatives. On the other hand, Taiana demanded to confiscate the images of the Ministry’s security cameras between 1st and 19th February, a period in which the bulk of “VIP vaccinated” came to the establishment to inoculate against COVID-19. It should be noted that this investigation is carried out to investigate the crime for “abuse of authority” to which Ginés González García was imputed and to find out if there were indeed inoculates who gained priority to be vaccinated without meeting the criteria to be considered risky patients.

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