translated from Spanish: Camilo surprised Eva de Demichelis’ daughter for her birthday

Emma, the daughter of Evangelina Anderson and Martin Demichelis is undoubtedly the star of the house, and has just turned 4. Her mother uploaded part of the celebration to nets but without a doubt the message she received from her idol, Camilo left her stunned and her reaction provoked great tenderness among the model’s followers. 

The girl we see sitting in an armchair in front of the TV, is surprised and begins to gesticult when she sees and listens to Camilo Echeverry, who sent her a sweet birthday message.  “Abrojito, how are you? Abrojito, happy birthday! Four years is many years. Imagine when you’re 6 or when you’re 8. I have a serious problem, Abrojito and that is that I want to be your friend… as very close to you. But I don’t know how to do that. When we can see each other, when we can give each other a hug, when we’re going to sing together, when we’re going to dance together. That would make me very excited,” the singer said in the video.

The author of “Tutu”, who a week ago declared himself a fan of Abrojito through his networks, after watching some videos of Emma, ended his message with a proposal: “I offer you as a gift my friendship but you have to offer me your friendship in return. As a little gift I give you, you give me a little present. What do you think of that, Abrojito? I’m sending you a giant kiss and I’m going to take the daring to tell you I LOVE YOU,” he said.
Faced with this sweet message, the girl did not stop gesticulating and be surprised at the words of the interpreter. “Walk it! She’s talking to me!” the youngest of the clan began. Shocked by the message she saw several times, Emma expressed excitedly, “I want to go! I’m dying, I’m dying. He wants to be my friend!” he exclaimed with emotion. 

Original source in Spanish

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