translated from Spanish: Disagreement in budget for the municipality of Eldorado

Sinaloa.- The patronage for the municipality of Eldorado in Sinaloa disagreed with the budget allocated by the municipal government for municipalization and demands clarification of the figures. Gilberto Izabal Zazueta President of the Pro-Municipalization Board of Eldorado, he mentioned that, they have observations regarding the positioning of the municipal president Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, since, while they establish a project with a financing initiative covering the amount of 156 million pesos for the operational functioning of the initial administration, the City Council of Culiacán gave them as a result of its techno-economic analysis a figure of 30 million pesos for a single year of syndicature operation.
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Read more: Mayor of Culiacán is reluctant to let Eldorado go, they emphasized that this analysis was prepared by the corresponding authorities in a period of less than 15 days, so they seek clarification and disaggregated each of the accompanying figures in order to rule out expenses that the syndicature does not know. He added that, it is false that other syndicatures are involved in the project and that even these have expressed an interest in continuing to belong to the municipality. Read more: Sinaloa Congress Called to Comply with Eldorado Municipality

Eldorado and Juan José Ríos have financial feasibility: Lora Oliva

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