translated from Spanish: Dozens of clandestine pits can be found in Guanajuato

Mexico City.- Collectives of relatives of missing persons reported finding a point with dozens of clandestine graves in Celaya, Guanajuato.After almost 12 hours of work, relatives estimate that it could be a place with more bodies than in Salvatierra, where remains of 79 people were exhumed.
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The initial complaint was made yesterday by the groups “Standing until you meet” and “A light on my way”, who arrived in the Sauz community of Villaseñor after receiving an anonymous call, so they called the State Attorney General’s Office and alerted municipal police.

The municipalities threatened to arrest the women searching for their loved ones, while prosecutors arrived at the site, exhuming some remains and retiring.

The pits are often filled with bones belonging to more than one victim. Afp

Read more: Impepac will denounce Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Governor of Morelos This Sunday, from 8:00 a.m., the relatives of missing persons returned to the place, as did the collectives “Until You Find You” and “Search Project”, accompanied by the State Search Commission.” We found a clandestine pantheon there, it’s riddled with graves, they’ve been marking the DA’s office, but it denied them the accompaniment,” said Bibiana, a spokeser for “Until You Find You” and who is looking for her missing brother in 2010.
There are many positive points, we started to check the area and there was one pit after another, after another, it is going to be bigger than Salvatierra’s.

Read more: They murder two women in Hidalgo and leave terrifying message According to what they have seen, these are old burials, because they are mainly bones and not bodies in a state of rot.

Local media have demanded support for the location of these pits. Twitter

Although from early on they asked for the help of the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office, led by Carlos Zamarripa, the officers arrived until 17:00 hours. Bibiana lamented the lack of empathy with family members and the lack of training to process pits.” Exhuman as if they were digging a hole for a shoe, which is totally inadmissible,” he criticized.

Trackers locate bastion osamenta from El Fuerte

He added that on Saturday, prosecutors took only a few remains found and left others out in the open.

Original source in Spanish

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