translated from Spanish: More alive than ever: A young man saw the image of Diego Maradona on one leg?

Since November 25th where much of the world mourns the death of Diego Maradona, different tributes to the football idol spread across the different continents. Another of the situations that took place around the person of the player, were the succession of «appearances» of the figure of Diego in several unusual places. Spots on a wall, drinks, candles, and even the moon itself, were some of the places where various people claim to see represented the lively figure of the footballer. With the already almost installed joke, FUUUAAA EL DIEGO, users of the networks upload their discoveries and findings from the image of the ex DT that is formed miraculously? An example of this is the photo uploaded by a 17-year-old teenager, who vows to have seen Diego’s face, on his girlfriend’s leg after a long day at the beach. Luciana, 15, and Julian, 17, are vacationing with the young woman’s family in Santa Teresita, and after a sunny day, the teenager burned and, believing or bursting, Diego Maradona’s face formed on her leg. Julian quickly took the camera and uploaded the image next to a survey to find out if others saw the same thing as him or not. 
«My girlfriend burned on the coast and they’re going to call me crazy, but I see Diego, bro,» the post said. 

Julian is a fan of River and also of the Ten. «All my life I was Maradonian, thanks to what my dad told me about him. It represents everything I feel about football, the love of the shirt and everything he conveyed on and off the court,» he told «Every Passion» where he narrated the events that happened. 

«We were eating and I noticed his leg. That’s when I realized the brand she had left,» Julian said, adding, «She told me she saw it too, but she didn’t care. As a fan I realized quickly.» Had. To the comfort of the young, the survey gave an overwhelming result, where 92% of them endorsed posture and also see the idol. 

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