translated from Spanish: They enable registration for Repro II, The February Pay Aid Program

The Government opened the registration to access REPRO II, the business aid programme, which consists of a subsidy to pay the February salaries of its employees. The measure was announced through Resolution 77/2021, published on Tuesday in the Official Gazette.According to the text signed by the Minister of Labour, Claudio Moroni, the period for companies interested in requesting this assistance will be between 22 and 26 of this month. The national authorities also established «the guidelines to consider regarding billing and payroll dates» to be met by the firms wishing to receive the benefit.

In this way, the months selected for the calculation of the year-on-year variation in turnover were clarified in January 2020 and 2021. The only exception is for those «employers who have started their economic activity as of December 1, 2019». On the other hand, to determine the payroll and reference salaries of those that are accepted, account will be taken of the situation that each had last January. The Repro II programme began to be implemented last February, when it reached more than 10,000 companies, which received a subsidy to pay the previous month’s salaries of some 320,000 workers. In this way, the Government focused state assistance in the private sector to sustain employment, especially in economic sectors still hit by the coronavirus pandemic. From this plan, employees in non-critical sectors will receive within their usual salary about $9,000 that will have been contributed by the State; for those in critical sectors, the amount will be $12,000, and for those in the health sector, the sum will reach 18,000 pesos. The critical sectors that recorded the most registrations in Repro II during January were: tourism, with 2,028 companies and 49,343 workers; 699 companies and 75,715 workers; 524 companies and 17,432 workers, and culture, with 335 companies and 6,555 workers.
Conditions for access to profit include «year-on-year percentage variation in turnover, year-on-year percentage variation in VAT purchases, indebtedness, liquidity, year-on-year percentage variation in electricity and gas consumption, year-on-year percentage variation in the ratio of total labour cost to turnover, year-on-year percentage variation in imports».

For this reason, the national authorities noted that, «in order to allow the universe of potential subjects reached to access» this aid by the State, it was deemed «necessary to set the time limit for registration» for «the period corresponding to the wages accrued in February 2021», which is made from the AFIP page, and «the guidelines to be considered with respect to the billing and payroll dates of the companies» concerned.
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