translated from Spanish: Lolita Ayala is trending on Twitter for a magazine

Lolita Ayala, surprisingly, became a trend on Twitter, and it was because of fashion that now all internet users are talking about her. Being known for being the first woman to be the head of a Mexican newscast, Lolita Ayala now stars on the cover of Elle magazine, specializing in fashion and style, something that surprised millions of Mexicans when she saw the journalist sporting eye-catching looks in the photo shoot.
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The impression of seeing Lolita Ayala in one of the most important fashion magazines in the world generated thousands of comments, most favoring the image of the former Televisa news presenter, who made up memes about her and the television. Read more: What happened to journalist Lolita Ayala? It was not now an embarrassing moment like his “gallo” in the middle of a program broadcast, or some unfortunate commentary on social media or interview, but his appearance on the cover of Elle magazine that led Lolita Ayala to be on everyone’s back.
Incredible as it may seem, the journalist showed off in the photo shoot for Elle stunning looks wearing both haute couture garments and those of her own clothing line. And now a couple of months ago Lolita Ayala surprised with the news that now her professional career would take an unexpected change of course, because now she is engaged in the sale of clothes, especially beachgoers and coverts, allude to her image and some famous phrases such as her well-known “he’s already gone”, which became a meme that has not ceased to be referenced to this day.
It is precisely her foray into the fashion world that led her to be the cover of Elle magazine, in which she wore haute couture outfits and her own T-shirts, creating looks that internet users compared to those of Lady Gaga, Madonna and other artists of the show known for their striking costumes. For the edition of the magazine in March, those women who have made a difference in Mexico are honored, being Lolita Ayala one of them, being the first to become the headline of a Mexican newscast, merit that led her to star now in the cover that has generated a wide conversation on social networks.

In #ELLEmarzo we honor women who have opened the way for others to be where we are, celebrate those who have fought for our rights, security, and given us a voice. On the cover, @LolitaAyalaN, the first woman to headline a newscast in Mexico. — ELLE Mexico (@ELLEMexico)
February 24, 2021

“Thank you for allowing me to stay close to you,” Lolita Ayala wrote in response to the positive reaction the cover and its T-shirts have had on social media. Lolita Ayala and her magazine looks become memes
Internet users could not be contained in the face of the great reaction that the magazine cover where Lolita Ayala appears, and in a short time returned to the journalist and now entrepreneur on Twitter trend, while an endless number of memes were created about it. Read more: Mother and daughter make Tik Tok fun inspired by Lolita Ayala. Viral Twitter users had fun and teased Televisa, considering that they let go of their hands who is now someone who broke the internet, and praised the looks that Lolita Ayala used in the magazine, as well as expressing how good it looks in the photos. It was also compared to artists such as Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian, who constantly cause a stir similar to wearing designer costumes, so they now also see Lolita Ayala as a fashion icon.

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