translated from Spanish: PAN accuses AMLO before election of starting a ‘witch hunt’

Mexico City.-Following the disafphate request to Governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, the pan’s leadership ensured that a clear political-electoral tint with a «witch hunt» looms and warned that it will not tolerate authoritarian acts.» López Obrador y Morena have begun their witch hunt in the face of the obvious advance of the opposition in Mexico that does know how to give results to the population, unlike the incompetence of the morenist governments that only undermine Mexico and bring it to bankruptcy and the worst economic, social and health crises that can be remembered» , said the national leader of the white boy, Marko Cortés.
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Through a statement, the opposition leader argued «that Morena is ending the autonomy of the institutions, we have already seen the regrettable pressure exerted on the Federation’s Higher Audit, and now we see that they intend to use the Public Prosecutor’s Office for their electoral purposes.

«National Action will undoubtedly always be in favor of the rule of law and will respect any decision implemented by a judicial authority, but we cannot allow a rule of law in the way and to the liking of the government. Mexico is not a dictatorship and we will not tolerate authoritarian acts, where institutions are bended by the power of the Executive.»

Governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca. Afp

Read more: FGR calls on the Chamber of Deputies to disahor the Governor of TamaulipasMarko Cortés raised that Morena «in the face of her lousy government and obvious acts of corruption, is already feeling the pressure and they know that the PAN is already stepping on her heels in many federal entities and districts, where we are up or about to overcome them. That’s why they’re so afraid and they’re using any of their tricks to try to unseal us, but they’re not going to make it, because we’re more the ones who want Mexico not to sink and not go into an abyss that it can hardly get out of.» We deeply regret that they manipulate the Public Prosecutor’s Office to win what they can’t win at the ballot box, but with everything and that we warn them that we have the best women and the best men to come to victory this June 6th.

AMLO’s political rivals point out that the president appears to be clearing the way for Morena’s supremacy. Afp

Read more: Urge President of Argentina to raise his voice to inequalityTherefore it must be remembered that the PAN in the last election won everything in Tamaulipas, and so now they want to lash out at our governor, with false accusations and without hard evidence.
Let us externalize our deep rejection of any political persecution that is intended to be done against any opponent of bad government and against our local representatives, a tool that authoritarian governments usually use to weaken the opposition.

Inauguration of National Guard Facilities in Tijuana, BC

The leader soon questioned the Government and asked why there is no criminal action against Manuel Bartlett, Irma Eréndira Sandoval, Pío López Obrador, Felipa López Obrador, for all signs of corruption.

Original source in Spanish

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