translated from Spanish: Pilot came out unscathed in plane crash in El Carrizo, Sinaloa

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- A fumigator plane collapsed yesterday morning as it flew over a site in the vicinity of ejido Chihuahuita, El Carrizo, Sinaloa, leaving as a result the pilot with slight blows and total losses of the ship; His reaction to realizing what would happen was key to getting to safety. It is a yellow aircraft with XB-KSO license plate, which was piloted by Raúl Villaseñor of 53 years, domiciled in Los Mochis.
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He reacted quickly and that was key
The information gathered at the site of the events mentions that at 10:00 hours, the pilot was fumigating an agricultural property that is located at the height of the 200 and 6 in the ejido Chihuahuita.Read more: Airplane collapsed in El Carrizo, Sinaloa and was staged for Don Raul Villaseñor it seemed a routine working day. That’s how he stayed for a few minutes. However, at about 10:14 a.m., the pilot felt the engine start to fail, then heard a noise and subsequently shut down. 

There was no time to waste and the aircraft was flying low. It was only a matter of seconds before Raúl Villaseñor had to carry out an emergency landing. Raul took control of the fumigator plane hard and the ship fell on a seed of asparagus; still advanced a few yards until he stopped. 

Another plane relied on putting out the flames. Photo: Debate

He descended, searched for his cell phones and walked away
The risk of the aircraft exploding was imminent; the pilot descended, then withdrew, but it was agreed that he was missing the cell phone and returned to look for it among the twisted irons, but walked away by not finding it. Just then smoke started coming out, then the flames that devoured the device in minutes. Even the asparagus planting also caught fire.

Federal authorities collected data. Photo: Debate

Mobilizing and assisting the pilot
Field workers who witnessed the accident headed to El Carrizo Fire Base to warn them of what had happened, but the Thragahúmo had already been heard through emergency service 911 and were already on their way along with staff from Ahome Municipal Medical Emergency Services (Summa). 

The pilot’s maneuvers prevented a tragedy. Photo: Debate

Also preventive municipal agents and Civil Protection personnel of Ahome. As they arrived, they observed that the plane was burning. The swallows fought the fire and put out the flames. Read more: Traders accusing Ahome policemen, Sinaloa of abuse of authority, seeking protectionRaúl Villaseñor was cared for by paramedics and only had a few minor blows. With the help of another plane that was spraying water, they extinguished the asparagus planting accident. Later, Civil Aeronautics staff arrived to prepare the accident report and ordered that the remains of the plane be picked up by a low bed and taken to its premises. 

6 detainees CDMX Attorney General’s Office

Original source in Spanish

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