translated from Spanish: Colombia: those who vacute early will face five-year prison sentences

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque warned that people who vacuse against coronavirus earlier than they are elected through “fraudulent mechanisms” will face “higher than five” prison terms and financial fines. With the vaccination scandal for officials and close friends in our country, in Colombia they warned of the sanctions that can be faced by those who do not respect the National Vaccination Plan.

“If there are people who use fraudulent mechanisms to receive the vaccine in violation of the National Vaccination Plan, the Penal Code is perfectly applicable when it comes to non-compliance with health authorities’ measures to contain an epidemic,” Duque said. , but also pecuniary sanctions”. The representative refers to the crime that is typified in the Colombian Penal Code, which indicates that prison detention would be at least 64 months, the Europa Press news agency said. The financial fine could be 2,000 legal monthly minimum wages, representing more than 1.8 billion Colombian pesos (about half a million dollars).

Duque also warned that if health entities are involved in these frauds, they will face a “very drastic” sanction. Colombia received 50,310 new doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine this week, in addition to the 50,000 that arrived last February 15 with which it started the mass immunization campaign. On Saturday, 192,000 doses of the pharmaceutical company Sinovac came to the country.The country already purchased bilaterally a total of 61.5 million doses of vaccines manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies: ten million to Pfizer, another ten million to AztraZeneca, nine million to Jansssen, ten million to Moderna and 2.5 million to Sinovac.They will receive more than 20 million through the Covax mechanism , an initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO), and has an agreement with Russia to acquire 2.5 million doses of the Sputnik V. vaccine Since the pandemic began, Colombia reported more than 2.2 million cases and more than 59,000 deaths from covid-19.

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