translated from Spanish: National RSP leader indicated no candidates on hot earth for insecurity

Michoacán.- In the face of the insecurity faced by some of the progressive social media militants, national leader Fernando González Sánchez called on the public security and justice authorities in Michoacán to take their complaints seriously.
At a press conference during his visit to the state, he did not doubt that these were “political games,” but he recalled that many crimes have that antecedent
“The experiences of violence and political crimes in the country show that these can be true, the possibility of someone playing threats in politics is also true, it is possible, hopefully, and we change the ethical dimension of competition.”
González Sánchez made it clear that they will not risk their members, “if the authorities consider them to be strategies of other political parties, cards must also be taken on the matter.”
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In this regard, the state representative of RSP, Juan Manuel Macedo Negrete commented that the threats may or may not be of militants of political parties, but that they are and should be investigated.
He reiterated that in Michoacán there were several allegations made by the state leadership about alleged threats, which had led to them not having aspirants in various municipalities, mainly those in the Hot Land region.
In this context, his candidate for the gubernatura was protested by Michoacán, Abraham Sánchez Martínez and presented Miguel Angel García Meza as a candidate for the municipal presidency of Morelia.

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