translated from Spanish: Price of gasoline and diesel in Mexico today February 25, 2021

Mexico.- Gasoline and diesel in Mexico dawned on Thursday with a national average price of $19.98 pesos per liter of Magna, $20.87 per Premium and $21.06 per liter of diesel at Pemex.La fuel fare service stations has increased since early January due to inflation and the blow of the pandemic to the economy , and even though the Ministry of Finance activated a subsidy for the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) of Magna gasoline.
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In the following list you can see the prices per liter of gasoline and diesel by state of the country corresponding to this February 25, 2021, according to Gasolina MX. Please note that these are approximate prices and actual rates may vary from municipality to municipality. Read more: Dollar price rises today Thursday, February 25, 2021 in MexicoPrice of fuels by state

Mexico City (CDMX):

Magna 20.7
Premium 21.74
Diesel 21.22

Magna 20.39
Premium 21.56
Diesel 21.1
Magna 20.35
Premium 21.29
Diesel 20.9
Magna 19.89
Premium 21.6
Diesel 20.44
Magna 18.98
Premium 19.72
Diesel 19.91
Magna 18.32
Premium 19.62
Diesel 20.7
Magna 17.42
Premium 18.51
Diesel 20.27
Magna 20.02
Premium 21.04
Diesel 21.09
Magna 20.39
Premium 21.35
Diesel 21.55
Magna 20.19
Premium 21.23
Diesel 20.96
Magna 19.75
Premium 20.71
Diesel 20.65
State of Mexico (Edomex):

Magna 20.12
Premium 21.09
Diesel 20.94
Magna 19.66
Premium 20.41
Diesel 20.59
Magna 19.8
Premium 20.63
Diesel 20.84
Magna 19.86
Premium 20.6
Diesel 21.2 Read more: Let Mexico and Canada respect NAFTA, a priority for the United States 
Magna 19.6
Premium 20.21
Diesel 20.66
Magna 20.61
Premium 21.2
Diesel 21.71 Oil dimensioning

SSC operation in vaccination centres

Original source in Spanish

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