translated from Spanish: Algorithm identifies the 21 most hated rock bands in music history

If there’s one thing common in the world rock music fans it’s the difference in tastes. And it’s just that some people’s favorite band may be the worst slug for others.
While art has always been subjective, BestLife magazine decided to look for ways to evaluate with data, and with an almost mathematical approach, which is the most hated rock band of all time.
The publication reviewed different lists, boards and articles about the most hated bands, and they saw which groups appeared most frequently. After having a list of 21 names, each band was analyzed with metrics ranging from expertly written articles to fan surveys to position them correctly.
Among his references was Weekly’s list of the 20 worst bands of all time, the Vice portal’s list of the 123 worst musicians of all time. They also used the 21 most hated bands according to Ultimate Guitar, a website specializing in music instruction, as well as two Ranker surveys: the 102 most overrated bands and the 421 worst rock bands of all time.
Each metric had a weighted value and then each band went through a logarithm that gave it a specific hate rating, ending with a list headed by canadian group Nickelback with a weighted index of 99.99 points.
Among the list there are different groups with great recognition, both in the 80s and 90s and others that maintain their success to this day. For example, there is Grammy-winning band Nirvana (ranked 19th with 26.43 points), as well as U2, a group with 22 statuettes in their pocket, located as the fourth most hated.
There are also The Doors, Kiss, Bob Dylan, Linkin Park, Radiohead, Green Day, Metallica, Pearl Jam and Oasis, among others.
The most hated
1.- Nickelback
2.- Limp Bizkit
3.- Creed
4.- U2
5.- Mumford and Sons
6.- Bob Dylan
7.- Phish
8.- Radiohead
9.- Kiss
10.- Dave Matthews Band
11.- Coldplay
12.- Green Day
13.- The Doors
14.- Metallica
15.- Korn
16.- Oasis
17.- Pearl Jam
18.- Rush
19.- Nirvana
20.- Spin Doctors
21.- Linkin Park

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