translated from Spanish: Reach Puruándiro excellence in transparency with the administration of Belinda Iturbide Díaz

Michoacán.- With a rating of 100 out of 100, the municipality of Puruándiro has excellence in transparency in the administration headed by Belinda Iturbide Díaz, as municipal president.
After the results of: “Transparency Obligation Compliance Verification Procedure 2020” were released regarding the fulfilment of the data transparency commitments to be disclosed on the website, it was emphasized that the municipality of Puruándiro fully complies with all requirements.
Belinda Iturbide said she was very proud of this result, as it has been an indication she has given to the officials of her administration, so that all the actions they take are for the benefit of the population.
He also commented that everything was transparent so that citizens were sure that all actions taken to their advantage were in line with the good management that resources should have, since the more transparent an administration, according to the mayor, would reach for more actions for the benefit of the municipality and its inhabitants.
It should be noted that the government of Iturbide Díaz exceeded the qualification of the previous municipal administration, which only obtained 54.96%, according to the site, which is a reflection of the good work that both officials and her as Municipal President, have done for the Puruandirian population, since every day they receive more actions among them works, which improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, Iturbide Díaz emphasized.
It should be noted that since the office of the municipal government, countless works have been carried out in each and every one of the communities belonging to the municipality, which according to the information provided, are duly supported both in administrative matters and before the inhabitants, since most of them were requested by the beneficiaries.

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