translated from Spanish: Brunette throws out accusations from Salgado; goes new survey in Guerrero

The National Commission on Honesty and Justice (CNHJ) determined that the accusations against Félix Salgado Macedonio are inappropriate and unfounded so the aspirant will not lose his political rights, but at the same time ordered the re-election process for the state of Guerrero to be replenished.
In a closed-door session, the CNHJ ruled that the National Elections Commission “should replenish the process to assess whether the applicant’s profile is valid or not.”
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The Commission decided “unanimously to instruct the National Elections and National Polls Commissions, “the replacement of the profiling procedure for the selection of candidate or candidate for the gubernatura of the state of Guerrero”.

THE CNHJ shares the following communication with the Protagonists of True Change of MORENA and other stakeholders.
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— CNHJ MORENA (@CNHJ_Morena) February 27, 2021

Sources of the case confirmed that both the grievances charged against Felix Salgado for gender-based political violence and public fame were declared unfounded.
As regards the effects of the judgment, the CNHJ ruled:
“That the procedure be replenished, in so far as it makes the last stage of assessment of the profile of candidates in the State; this is because the National Elections Commission did not found or prompt the registration of the indeiciated; ignoring the provisions of Base 1 of the Call for the process of selecting the candidacy for Governor of the State of Guerrero, which in its literality provides: ‘The National Elections Commission will review applications, assess and rate the profiles of applicants for agreements to the attributions contained in the STATUTE of MORENA (…).’  being the case that for the assessment of the profile would be linked to the National Survey Commission to conduct a survey in the State of Guerrero and that result, it is considered for the National Elections Commission to carry out an analysis of the profile based on the principles established by our basic documents. Issuing an opinion on this subject to conclude as soon as possible with the registration of the candidate that results”.
Morena’s leader, Mario Delgado, said that as soon as the party is notified the details of the resolution will be abided by.
“In our party we have a real internal democracy. The @CNHJ has instructed the election committee to reposition the procedure for assessing the candidate’s profile. Once notified and we know the details we will raise a route for compliance,” he said.
Salgado has been charged with sexual rape by at least two women, one of whom was underage at the time of the acts of gender-based violence.
The report of one of them, dating from 2016, led to the opening of an investigative folder in the Specialized Investigation Unit on Sexual Crimes and Family Violence of the Guerrero Prosecutor’s Office, which remains open.
The other victim, Basilia “N.”, accused Salgado Macedonio of a sexual rape that occurred in 1998, when she was 17.
The licensed senator formalized the registration of his candidacy in Guerrero even though the CNHJ investigation was still ongoing, which was criticized by morenist women who warned of protection against the warrior on the part of the partisan leadership.
The pronouncements against Salgado’s political aspirations by federal legislators and the foundations of morenist women have been numerous: from letters to the leadership of the party in which they criticized being allowed to participate in the contest, to a Point of Agreement in Congress to require the Guerrero Attorney General’s Office to conclude its investigation and determine as soon as possible whether or not criminal action against the aspirant proceeds.
In networks, women promoted the #RompaElPacto campaign to demand that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador intervene in their party – Morena – so that Salgado Macedonio would not be a candidate without first clarifying the accusations against him.
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