translated from Spanish: Eduardo Vazquez got a transitional outing for his daughter’s 15th birthday

Eduardo Vásquez, former drummer of Callejeros, arrived this Saturday to the birthday of 15 of his daughter in the town of Tapiales, party of La Matanza, thanks to a transitional exit approved by a judge. Vazquez serves the sentence of life imprisonment in the Ezeiza penalty for the femicide of Wanda Tadei, his former partner he murdered in 2010, and other causes against him.

Eduardo Vasquéz was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Wanda Tadei in February 2010

The permit was requested by his daughter, Valentina Vázquez, and authorized by Judge Axel López, who granted the request as provided for in article 168 of Law 24.660 and for being «a unique and unrepeatable fact» in the life of the young woman. In the midst of a large security operation deployed by the Federal Prison Service, the convicted man made use of his departure which was approved for a total of six hours, between 12:00 and 18:00, and strictly complying with the health protocols by the coronavirus.

Jorge Tadei, Wanda’s father, was outraged in various media outlets and attended the judge’s decision: «Just on Saturday I turn 79, Vasquez is going to be able to be with the daughter but I’m not going to be able to be with mine,» Taddei said in recent statements. Regarding this benefit granted to Vasquez, he added that: «Just at this time of ups and down on femicides they give him the possibility that a femicide will go to care for the daughter» and argued that «just as this law is enforced, all laws that are not enforced such as when a woman goes to a police station and does not give her ball , when he goes to a prosecutor’s office and they let the file sleep or when a violent man crosses the line that the judge marked and doesn’t stop him,» he added.

Beatriz Regal and Jorge Taddei, Wanda’s parents

As reported by the Cordoba half-Cordoba El Doce, Vasquez’s daughter argued that she «has always bonded with her dad» and travels twice a year to visit him from Córdoba to Buenos Aires. Valentina was born in 2006 as a product of the relationship between the drummer and Gabriela Aguero.» I am Valentina Vázquez, daughter of Eduardo Vázquez and Gabriela Aguero. I’ve always been bonding with my dad and I travel twice a year to visit him because I live far away. This year he agrees with my 15 and the judge gave me the right to spend it with him, letting him out of the penalty where he serves his sentence, since by the pandemic he is not allowed to spend it there. De weighed on everything that’s happened, I keep choosing it and I’m going to keep choosing it forever,» he told El Doce Valentina Vasquez.

Wanda Tadei’s femicide
On February 10, 2010, Eduardo Vasquéz murdered his then-partner, Wanda Tadei, by throwing alcohol at her and setting her on fire with a lighter after a strong argument. The crime occurred in the neighborhood of Mataderos.La victim did not die on the spot, but he was agony for 11 days at the Hospital de Quemados porteño. He finally died on February 21 at the age of 29.

Wanda Tadei and Eduardo Vasquez married in November 2009

Vazquez, already charged against him a six-year prison sentence for the 2004 Cromañón fire in the Eleventh ward, after femicide, he was convicted in 2012 of «murder aggravated by the link» attenuated by «violent emotion», for which the Oral Court in Criminal 20 initially gave him a sentence of 18 years in prison. The family appealed the ruling and the case was reviewed by Room IV of the Criminal Chamber of Appeal, which ruled out the attenuation for «violent emotion» and in September 2013 the sentence was overturned to issue him with life imprisonment, a sentence confirmed a year later by the Supreme Court of Justice.


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