translated from Spanish: NASA reported the next approach to five asteroids, one the size of a stadium

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World. – NASA warned of the approach to Earth of five asteroids in the coming days. Today, asteroid 2021 DE, with a diameter of about 49 meters, will pass near our planet at a distance of 1.6 million kilometers, followed by asteroid 2021 DM, about 20 meters, which will approach 4.8 million kilometers on February 28.
Next week we expect the arrival of the space rock 2011 DW, about 91 meters in diameter, which on March 1 will pass 5.3 million kilometers from Earth.
The next day is the turn of the largest of the five asteroids mentioned by NASA. It is 1999 RM45, which measures 396 meters in diameter, that is, it has “the size of a stadium”, according to the agency. The object will pass at a distance of 2.9 million kilometers.
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This Monday, an asteroid of comparable size to that of a stadium approached Earth. It was 2020 XU6, which at 213 meters passed more than 4 million kilometers from our planet.
The fifth asteroid on NASA’s 2011 EH17 list will be smaller, with a diameter of 40 meters, and will fly over Earth about 3.6 million kilometers on the same day as the 1999 RM45.
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