translated from Spanish: Piñera met with Congress and the Judiciary over the situation in La Araucanía

From 09 hours President Sebastián Piñera met this Friday with representatives of the Executive and Legislative branches, in addition to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Contraloria, to analyze the situation of La Araucanía.
The meeting came after last night the Mandatario met with the helmsmen of the parties of Chile Vamos, amid requests from official parliamentarians and various guilds in the area, to decree a state of siege in the region.
Following the meeting, the Ruler said that it was “coordination” and that “it is part of the effort as a state of law to fully re-develop in the southern regions.”
Piñera said that “we are experiencing a serious situation of violence and terrorism” in the southern macrozone, so efforts must be joined to confront it.
He also argued that “we are going to dump the legitimate demands of our original peoples and Chileans, but we are going to fight organized crime.”
This week Piñera called for dialogue in all sectors to reach a national agreement, and called on Congress to expedite the processing of security laws, including the modernization of police and intelligence services.
From the area, interior minister Rodrigo Delgado announced these days that mixed patrols of Carabineros and military personnel will be carried out in the southern macrozone.

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