translated from Spanish: Carlotto’s Estela called Patricia Bullrich a «monster»

Estela de Carlotto criticized the provocation of some opposition sectors that arranged mortuary bags with names of political figures on the door of casa Rosada and in particular referred to Patricia Bullrich, leader of Juntos por el Cambio, to which the holder of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo called «monster».
«The evil that this little Bullrich, who knows her because she was a militant, although I did not know her at the time, but she was an official of several governments and today to see her transformed into a monster, because that is a person who buys mortuary bags and manages such an exhibition with the people of her group,» Carlotto said in dialogue with radio Ten.

The staging took place on Saturday during an opposition march that took to the streets in demand for the conflict of «VIP vaccination» of some officials and close to the government. During this mobilization ten bags with the legend «I was waiting for the vaccine but applied it» and a sign with the name of the officials or personalities who received the vaccine were placed in front of casa Rosada. The organization was run by the Republican Union and its youth variant, Young Republicans.

«It hurt a lot. That expression of a named mortuary bag, a picture of so many people they put there, including mine for what? About something that’s not true. I wasn’t in any vaccine,» added the Abuelas.La granny holder, said that several human rights agencies «are seeing how this can be condemned from the law as a crime, » and pointed directly at the former Minister of Homeland Security of encouraging the action of the mortuary exchanges for «the great influence and money and evil that the little girl runs this Bullrich.»

President Alberto Fernández and many officials went out to repudiate the fact on social media. For his part, the president called the setting «regrettable» and «an act of barbarism.»

It is worth remembering that Estela de Carlotto is 90 years old and she herself counted having scored in December in the public register of the Province of Buenos Aires to receive the Sputnik V, which was applied to her at the Hospital San Juan De Dios «like any child of neighbor». He’s still waiting for the call for the second dose.
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