translated from Spanish: March arrives with yellow light: RM exceeds 7,000 active covid-19 cases, the highest figure since July

In normal situation, tomorrow, March 1st in the Metropolitan Region would live on “Super Monday”, with the end of the holidays and the return to school. The latter will happen, but in Covid-19 pandemic mode, a pandemic that is not yet over.
In fact, for the month of March a regrowth of cases in the MRI is expected, precisely by the end of the holiday, as anticipated by the former Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich. And the latest figures before the arrival of the third month of 2021 in the region are not encouraging, since according to the 98th epidemiological report of the Ministry of Health, active cases of coronavirus in the Metropolitan Region increased by more than a thousand in just four days. With this increase, the total number of contagions exceeded 7 thousand (7,304), a situation that had not been recorded since last July.
Prior to the epidemiological report, daily balance sheets also anticipated this situation in MRI: the region exceeded one thousand new cases of coronavirus for two consecutive days, Friday 26 (1,102 contagions) and Saturday 27 (1,101), a situation not seen since 23 and 24 July.
The Metropolitan, according to the epidemiological report, continues to lead in number of active cases at the national level, followed by Biobío (3,941), Valparaiso (2,620), La Araucanía (2,200) and Los Lagos (2,088). In total, 11 of the 16 regions overcome the barrier of a thousand contagions. 13 of them increased their active contagions compared to the previous report, except for Auble, Los Lagos and Aysén.
As for communes, Antofagasta (1,008), Arica (682) and Puente Alto (650) lead the list of active cases. The top ten is completed by Valdivia (625), Iquique (624), Temuco (604), Puerto Montt (566), Valparaiso (527), Los Angeles (507) and Santiago (459).
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