translated from Spanish: On March 15, the shrimp’s vede will begin in Angostura

Angostura, Sinaloa.- The lifting of the shrimp vein in the municipality of Angostura will take place on March 15, reported Rudecindo Omar Obeso López, Director of Aquaculture and Fisheries, who stated that the National Fisheries Commission was the one that determined it. He also commented that in order to avoid the bad practice of poaching they would be working very closely with the elements of the Environmental Police of the coastal municipality, where the appropriate approaches were already being made of them and to be able to adhere and obtain good results, which was the main thing. 
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Following this up, he said that work would also be done in coordination with the Ministry of Fisheries, where they would seek the necessary support for monitoring so that poaching would not take place. 

However, it reported that the Navy would also be responsible for the inspection by the Conapesca. Obeso López stated that in order for the Angosturenses not to carry out poaching in the three fishing fields, those caught will be creditors to an economic sanction, of which the amount is not yet established; however, we work on it. He highlighted that they will remove the vehicles with the product they have removed, as well as the atarrayas. «Right now we’re about to see how much the amounts will be, and we’re going to be making rumdines as the tides rise, as there’s more likely furtivism to take place, but there’s going to be surveillance by land and water,» he said. On the other hand, the official stated that it was important that both fishermen and those who live near the fishing fields do not carry the bad practice of poaching, as mentioned above, because if this situation occurs they could reach a very difficult fishing season, such as that of the previous year. «Exhort them not to carry out these evil practices», emphasized Obeso López, Director of Aquaculture and Fisheries.Read more: In SNTE 27 of Sinaloa they will not be left crossed by armsIt is important to mention that they are in the hope that fishermen can receive support with various programs by the Government, so that they can get ahead and not be as beaten as they have been resenting it in recent months as a result of the same pandemic and with the lifting of the shrimp’s vein. It should be mentioned that the objective of this action is to preserve the species so that it continues to provide good zaphras and, in the face of this, for the few days of capture fishermen choose to look for other jobs or emigrate to other places in search of better opportunities for them and not be affected, so they hope that in the fishing field there will not be much of a situation.  To finish Rudecindo Omar Obeso López noted that they expect that in the next shrimp zafra there will be a good production and capture. Read more: Southern Sinaloa river fishermen live a critical season

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Original source in Spanish

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