translated from Spanish: Despite allegations of abuse and rape, adn40 maintains Roemer’s program

Allegations of harassment and rape against writer and diplomat Andrés Roemer increased to 21 this weekend, despite them, the adn40 channel – from Grupo Salinas – broadcast, as every Sunday, the program led by Roemer.
«Head to Andrés Roemer» had gad Saad, a Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary psychologist and author of the book Parasitic Mind, which they spoke about during the show.
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The first program aired on Sunday, July 5, 2020. In that broadcast, the guests were Ricardo Salinas, president of Grupo Salinas; Tomás Pueyo, researcher at Coronavirus, and Martín Vasavsky, founder of the largest network of fertility clinics in the United States.
In that first broadcast, Roemer noted that the programmes were carried out through UNESCO’s Social Transformation programme, of which Roemer was ambassador of Goodwill.
However, he left this honorary position on February 23 until the allegations against him for sexual harassment were clarified.
Testimony against the writer began to be added after the video published by professional dancer Itzel Shanaas, who publicly denounced Roemer from harassing her at a job meeting.
Shanaas reported that Roemer touched her without her consent and made inappropriate comments to her.
Lee: Dancer Itzel Schnaas denounces writer Andrés Roemer for sexual harassment
Since Itzel Shanaas’ complaint, twenty women have denounced Roemer through the United Mexican Journalists (PUM) organization.
Several of the stories received on PUM’s Twitter account coincide in the writer’s modus operandi: Roemer deceived women by offering them job opportunities and quoted them at his home in the Rome colony, where the abuses occurred.

Last week we confidentially shared the report of @RoVazquezL. Now that fear has changed sides, he reveals in his personal account his experience of sexual violence with #AndrésRoemer.
👉 #MeTooPeriodistasMexicanos #MeToo
— Mexican United Journalists (@PeriodistasPUM) February 27, 2021

In several of the accounts, the victims narrate that Roemer used his friendship with Ricardo Salinas to scare them or promise them some work in the companies of Grupo Salinas or in the project of La Ciudad de las Ideas, which he co-founded with the entrepreneur.
According to research by the LadoB portal, The City of Ideas received, in 13 years, 582 million pesos from the federal governments, Puebla and the CDMX to conduct its festival.
Faced with the allegations, Roemer posted on his Twitter account @RoemerAndres two messages denying the facts and assured that it is false that the Salinas Group Gender Unit (to which dna belongs40) has ruled on Itzel’s accusations.
Days later Roemer erased his social networks. On February 21, Ricardo Salinas defended Roemer through his Twitter account with the message: «Never give in to blackmail and lies.»

Never give in to blackmail and lies.
— Ricardo Salinas Pliego (@RicardoBSalinas) February 22, 2021

Mexico City’s Sexual Crimes Investigation Prosecutor’s Office reported on February 24 that it opened an investigation folder for «criminal news» against the driver.
Sources from the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to Animal Politics that the investigative folder was opened by criminal news, that is, by the testimonies shared on social networks.
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