translated from Spanish: Faculty reported that “no more than 5% of students arrived in the country’s schools”

The president of the College of Teachers, Carlos Díaz, reported on the figures of the students who attended classes during this day which would not exceed 5% attendance. According to the helmsman of the guild, he noted that “if we look in terms of the total universe of students we have in Chile, we can say that today no more than 5% of students came to the schools of the country, which undoubtedly reflects a very small figure compared to the expectation that the authority had for today”. He also detailed that “in the municipal sector, about 90% of the country’s communes are starting telematically, that is, not with face-to-face classes”. Diaz also stated that the information was obtained in “consultations in each of the subsidiaries in each of the regions of our country, also at the community level”. He said that “there are still some communes that are about to answer us and this figure could even be exceeded.” On the other hand, in the subsidized particular sector the College of Teachers indicated that “we are doing a deeper analysis, by the way that it is more important to have all the information there, so we will have the most specific data in the subsidized sector.” It is deeply concerned that today we have difficult figures regarding the pandemic, more than 4,000 infected, more than a hundred deaths a day,” noting that “this undermines the confidence that is to be given almost normal for this return to face-to-face classes.” We publicly point out, as an organization, that in case of any contagion, in case of any death, of any person from any educational community in Chile affected by any contagion, the full and total responsibility lies with the Minister of Education and the Government of Sebastián Piñera, because they are the ones who have not listened to the school communities, who have said to the point of exhaustion that in March there are no conditions to return” Expressed. Diaz reported that there is a form on the guild’s website to report if health protocols are not met in schools.

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