translated from Spanish: Faculty states that there is already a case of Covid-19 in the face-to-face return to classes: the case took place in Isla de Maipo

There is already a positive case of Covid-19 registered in a school, following the return presence of the classes, as reported by the president of the College of Teachers, Carlos Díaz.
In conversation with 24 Hours, the guild leader reported that the case was presented at the Alto del Maipo school in Isla de Maipo. According to detail, the school authorities made the decision to close the compound until 15 March.
«This is like a chronicle of an announced death, we said at the time, we find this very serious that the government is carrying out, trying to give a logic of normality when its own ministry of health is saying that the situation of problems (…) with everything to do with contagion, it’s on the rise,» he added.
In this line, he stated that as teachers «we are very concerned and believe that the government should be more concerned about the effective and real protection of children and young people.»
«From several schools we have been called and told that it has taken a lot to control this logic of not being with another partner, not hugging (…) if it costs us among adults, think about how that’s going to happen with our students,» he said of internal functioning protocols in schools and restrictions for children.
«We have insisted, both on the advisory council that was made in the ministry, and the one that was made in the Currency, that the conditions are not in the month of March and we should see from April onwards,» he said.

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