translated from Spanish: President of the Supreme Court: «I can say without ambivalence that Chile is a rule of law»

During this day the public account of the Judiciary was held which was marked by the impact of the pandemic on the development of telematics audences, the constituent process where the president of the Supreme Court, Guillermo Silva, affirmed that in Chile there is a rule of law. Among the attendees were the high authorities of the republic as President Sebastián Piñera. Silva stated that «exactly one year ago in this accountability to the country I had the opportunity to describe and value the social context that was being lived at the time, at that time the front pages of the newspapers were occupied by social mobilizations and we had high expectations of the constitutional process that was in the vicinity. However, that situation was abruptly altered by the covid-19.» I have pointed out that the pandemic has made the past and present annuity a complex period, particularly in relation to the preceding years. Its effects have not exempted any person or authority, or any sphere of private and public action, significantly altering, in what is linked to what today calls us, the behaviour of the individuals and the justice system,» he added. In addition, the helmsman of the highest court stated that «this doubly exceptional situation of pandemic and constituent process has been managed through a robust Republican structure in which we have ratified our commitment to the institutional role and human rights.» Without prejudice to the necessary self-criticism and regardless of all our uncertainties and difficulties, I can say without ambivalence that Chile is a rule of law that has kept firm the mechanisms of protection for people with a determined promotion of access to justice of the whole care,» he said.

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