translated from Spanish: Rocío Oliva: Write the memoirs of his years with Maradona

Rocío Oliva spent 7 years with Diego Armando Maradona, many of whom lived in Dubai. After the separation the young woman began working in the media and has a strong participation as a panelist at The Controversial table at the Bar. 

After the death of the idol, she is frequently consulted on the environment, the family and all the topics related to the Maradona cause. 
Now, the ex-partner counted on a cell phone who is thinking of making the memories of the years shared with Diego.

When consulted about whether she was already writing it or if she had an approximate date for its release, she replied, «No, I’m thinking about it.»

However, his lawyer, Ana Rosenfeld, told «El Diario de Mariana» that more than a month later he was writing a book about «Rocío’s life with Diego, with what he said and what he cannot tell.» «She gave me the info and I’m putting the legal liturgy on her. I just wrote, not only about the story, but the history of the things that happened with Maradona while she was living with Rocío. Believe me, Oliva is a very intelligent woman. He saw a lot, he watched a lot. And she, even if they couldn’t believe it, always wanted, wanted and will want Diego’s well-being,» the lawyer said at the time. Finally the project would be taking on more color, now with the death of the football star because in Rocío’s words, he wants to tell the world what Diego was like, from his perspective. 

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