translated from Spanish: They showed no survey that Felix won candidacy: Nestora Salgado

Morenist Senator Nestora Salgado argued that the party’s leadership did not show the candidates for the Guerrero government the polls and results that won also Senator Félix Salgado Macedonio.
The Warrior lawmaker, commonly known by her first name Nestora, is one of 18 people who registered as a candidate.
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Morena today has Monday, March 1 as a limit to define who will flag the party in Guerrero, after the National Commission on Honesty and Justice (CNHJ) ordered «the replacement of the profiling procedure for the selection of candidate or candidate».
Nestora Salgado – who was leader of self-defense in Guerrero – noted that none of the applicants were notified of whether a new survey would be conducted for such a «procedure replacement».
What she’s sure of, she said in an interview, is that they didn’t show her how Felix Salgado initially won the nomination. He also did not learn how and where the survey was applied to his entity.
However, she clarified, she always backed up and will support the party’s decision.
«We all asked for it (see the survey), I think we all wanted to see that. I don’t remember what they told me, but no one, of the colleagues I’ve talked to, has seen the outcome of a survey. I’m not interested if I’m in 20th place, but they did say, ‘Your job hasn’t worked,’ at least, and I’m too happy to make you want to,» she said.
«We (applicants) went to a meeting where a pact was signed that whoever lost would be supported, it is something that was respected, but I never saw that they showed us a survey as such, or that it was the public polls and they said, ‘Fulano of such was in the first place, Zutano in the second place, and so on,’ we never saw it. In fact, my people were very attentive, the structures we have in Guerrero were very aware of the surveys, of the calls, and there were, we do not really know what the survey was like, where they surveyed, where they called; at least we’ve never been clear about that.»
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The senator noted that Guerrero is a sexist state, as women do not have development opportunities, but she also argued that her party is sexist.
«Guerrero is a very sexist state, very discriminating, you do not have opportunities, I believe that this situation must already change, and that is why I believe and that is why I trust that we can do something, that women will participate, I trust a lot in the decisions of women, women who have suffered so much, women suffer a lot in Guerrero from discrimination, because of the lack of opportunities. The state is sexist,» he said.
You mention that the state of Guerrero is very sexist. Do you think the party, Brunette, is sexist?
«I think so, at least I’ve seen that I don’t get that much chance, it hasn’t given me that much opportunity, I think it’s a little sexist because, for example, I participated, I never knew what the polls were like, where we were,» he said.
«I have a lot of work, real work, I don’t haul people, I don’t buy wills, people who walk with me, who support me, it’s because they have convictions; I never pay, I don’t pay notes or trucks to move people, because people alone are organized, the structure we’ve done (work) is real people; we don’t inflate surveys that are then done, or I’m paying for surveys, no, mine is real, it’s true, the people who are with me are real and that’s why I think people deserve respect, the people who have accompanied us in this process.»
File against Felix remains open
The Prosecutor of Guerrero, Jorge Zuriel de los Santos, reported today that the investigation folder initiated against Félix Salgado for the crime of rape is in the phase of integration and improvement.
It indicated that at a forthcoming date it would be determined whether there were sufficient elements to prosecute, reserve or determine the non-exercise of criminal proceedings.
This is the investigative folder 12030270400033000131, provided to the Investigation Unit Specialized in Sexual Crimes and Family Violence of the Prosecutor’s Office of Guerrero.
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