translated from Spanish: I endorse deputies permanent driver’s licenses in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- With the aim of promoting the regulation of the michoacan drivers’ standard, the plenary of the 74th Legislature reformed the State Revenue Act, in order to establish legal measures for obtaining permanent driver’s licenses, which will encourage the legal acquisition of licenses issued by the state authority, with data and documents that allow reliable registrations , indicated in a statement.
This was set out by the members of the Finance and Public Debt Committees; Programming, Budget and Public Account, and Communications and Transport, who raised the need to reform article five of the State Revenue Act for fiscal year 2021, in order to establish mechanisms that promote the regulation of driver standards.
The issuance of permanent licences is in response to requests made by The Michoacans in this area, which requested the incorporation of this scheme in the vehicle area of the state, so local Members consider granting the permanent licence for the modalities of motorist and motorcyclist of private service, at a cost of two thousand pesos and which , should be updated every five years with your biometric data and free of charge.
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With these modifications, individuals are encouraged to comply with the standard, generating a reliable record in the field of public safety, in addition to the michoacans being able to obtain legally, permanent driver’s licenses, avoiding the cancellation of these or some criminal liability that could result.
Finally, the reform stipulates that all taxpayers who are permanently licensed must update their biometric data every five years free of charge, in order to make the standard and insurance eligible for the license.

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