translated from Spanish: Manuel Negrete to seek Guerrero’s gubernatura

Guerrero.- Former footballer Manuel Negrete registered on Monday as a candidate for guerrero’s gubernatura for the Force for Mexico party, after he requested leave from his post as mayor of Coyoacán ente the Congress of Mexico City.E registration was made in the vicinity of the Electoral Institute of Citizen Participation of Guerrero (IEPC), where Negrete arrived together with the party president Gerardo Islas Maldonado , an event where Negrete was recognized as the flag bearer for the June 2021 election.
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During his registration, the former footballer thanked him for the space that the party gives him to seek the gubernatura of the state of Guerrero also pointed out that in the next election, he must win «the peace and well-being of all warriors». Read more: The PES chooses Dolores Huerta as a candidate for the governor of GuerreroIn both other aspirations received by the IEPC, are those of Irma Lilia Garzón Bernal, of the PAN; Ambrosio Guzmán Juárez, Progressive Social Networks (RSP); and Dolores Huerta Valdovinos of Encuentro Solidario Party (PES). It is also expected that by the next four March, the IEPC General Council will approve applications for registration of the above-mentioned parties.

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