translated from Spanish: Seremi de Salud de Atacama resigned after leaking photos in which she appears without complying with health measures

The health service of the Atacama region, Bastián Hermosilla, resigned his post after photographs were leaked in which he appears at a social meeting not complying with the health measures established against the covid-19 pandemic.
The images – which were disseminated through social media – show the former health authority at a meeting with eight people, without physical estating or complying with health measures.
As reported this morning by the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, it was Hermosilla himself who voluntarily resigned from office yesterday.
«He resigned yesterday. He phoned me saying that there were some photos where he was not respecting the self-care measures indicated by health measures, and the as a health authority decided to step aside because obviously one has to lead by example and that was the argument he made to me,» she explained.
According to La Tercera, it is not known who will assume the position of Seremi of Atacama Health. However, according to the Intendencia de Atacama, Mauricio Bertoglia, head of health action in the region, will take it on an interim stand.

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