translated from Spanish: They rescue Mazatlan’s past as a pirate shelter

Sinaloa.- Endless history safeguards the collective memory of Mazatlan that thanks to the work of documentation carried out by people such as the chronicler Enrique Vega Ayala, gradually reveal the same for the recreation of the historical past of this municipality. One of the passages that most amaze scholars is the port’s past as a pirate shelter. 
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Bellicose past 
Although these characters seem drawn from romantic novels, there are serious studies that demonstrate their authenticity. Read more: Ten daily cases of Covid-19 there are in Mazatlan according to Civil ProtectionAn example is that of the famous English pirate Thomas Cavendish, who arrived at the port of Mazatlan on October 4, 1587. Vega Ayala says that the pirate docked on the Middle Island, was in the city, in the downtown area, then unpopulated.

Cavendish camped to refusit and prepare his ship, El Deseo, anchored on the island of Los Venados, from where he sailed on October 19 to chase the Spanish galleon Santa Ana.Lo looted it on November 14 and obtained a great treasure trove of 60 thousand gold coins, fabrics, precious stones, ivorys, wools, food, tinctures and several tons of silver bars. It was the first major attack on a Spanish ship. This heist marked 110 years of pirate attacks on the Spanish merchant fleet. A treasure at sea 
Enrique Vega asserted that the pirate could not take everything he stole, for the boat he was driving was smaller than The sea vehicle of Spain.The pirate decided to burn the Santa Ana and sinks it with some of the riches, near the coasts of Baja California.Thomas was inspired by the previous pirate, Sir Francis Drake. He also touched lands years earlier aboard the Golden Hind. Both buccaneers managed to go around the world aboard their ships and register forever in the history and legends of Mazatlan. «He’s been waiting for the boat to pass by. What is known is that he came from South America,» Vega Ayala said. In addition, with what he won he was able to buy his noble title. The pirate who carried out the great heist never returned to the port of Mazatlan.Read more: They will install traffic lights on mazatlan beaches during Holy WeekCavendish returned to England and soon died on one of his trips, so it can be said that he did not enjoy the treasures. The Data
MuseumIn Angel Flores Street, between Lieutenant Azueta and Doctor Carvajal, there is an old house that is restored to serve as a House Museum. It has at its entrance a commemorative plaque warning that it was there that Thomas Cavendish camped.

Ricardo Núñez Ríos is the surrogate mayor of El Rosario, Sinaloa

Original source in Spanish

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