translated from Spanish: Campeche neighborhoods achieve provisional suspension against Tren Maya

A group of 80 people obtained a new provisional suspension protection against the works of the Maya Train, because of the risk of forced evictions.
The First District Court in Campeche ordered the authorities responsible for the construction and execution of the project to refrain from performing all the activities of the first stage of the so-called «Consensual Relocation Process».
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According to the complaint the threatened communities are the neighborhoods of Santa Lucia, La Ermita and Camino Real.
Since 2020, at-risk families have formed the Tres Barrios Collective. In its first complaint last year, the collective noted that the «Consensual Relocation Process» conducted by UN-Habitat in hiring Fonatur, «is actually a forced eviction process since they are being given no choice but to leave their neighborhoods.»
According to the collective, the trial of that first complaint, filed in April 2020, is still ongoing. While for the second complaint a group of 80 people was formed, these were the ones who obtained the protection.
The families clarify that while no person has been evicted to date, the alleged relocation process began with confusing information and under the premise that the eviction of their neighborhoods was «imminent.»
A forced eviction, unlike a common one, they explain, is a violation of the right to housing prohibited by international law, which is to force people to leave their homes without a cause provided for in the law or without being ordered in court or without being allowed to defend themselves in court.
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Families add that neither the Constitution nor any legislation empowers the authorities to vacate entire neighborhoods for a tourism project.
In addition to the lawsuits, on December 19, the Tres Barrios Collective gave President Andrés Manuel López Obrador a letter setting out his case, requesting that the existing train tracks be relocated and not them.
The letter was received by the representative during his visit to Campeche, but to date he has not answered.
The provisional suspension of the «Consensual Relocation Process» will be until March 9, when the Court decides whether to keep the measure until the trial is complete.
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