translated from Spanish: “No more questions”: The hard clash between Luciana Echeverría and “Cuchillo” Eyzaguirre via social media

A hard clash via Twitter starred Chilean actress Luciana Echeverría and former CQC notero Sebastián Eyzaguirre.Through the social network, the performer wrote that “DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO COLLEGE. AND LET’S DEMAND THE THIRD 10%. I understand who they have to command the same way. And it sucks. but the death toll is also the most violated in social classes. Piñera lies doctors and teachers do not agree with this pact.” Don’t worry. I have sons or daughters. Only have figs and they never send them. They only go to Baquedano Square on Fridays,” a tuitero replied, sparking taunts from the former “CQC” driver. “No more questions, Your Honor, ” he narrowed down. From then on, Troy burned.To which the actress replied that “I was told that in college they would call you ‘Lolo palanca, a quaso character, facho passed to shit and fashionable, who gives them to her bad, but that when you have to lick on the right you have no problem combing the hair, his little tie and stop dreaming that he is the ‘bad boy'”. For his part, Eyzaguirre replied “hahahaha, honey. I would have loved to have had a little girl with you. I didn’t get to know you,” he ironized. It would have to be rape and ABORT ANY hue… yours, ” replied Echeverría without a filter.” Hey cutchillot you’re blocking people who answer your braces. what ondat? Did your cutttchilloo bend? @sebaeyzaguirre7,” the interpreter added when she found out that the former notero blocked a Twitter user.Finally, Eyzaguirre expressed “hey ‘HIJE’ I can’t answer. I’m watching a movie of yours on HBO. I’ll get back to you tomorrow. Rest”

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