translated from Spanish: Sony patented a new joystick for PS5 that could be up to edible

Technology, no matter if it is much or little, ends up surprising us whatever its findings: it does not matter if it is a trip to another planet or if it is a robot that cleans the house until we leave a single milligram of dust; what matters is novelty. In this case, it’s Sony, the PlayStation 5 and some unusual terms that generated surprise in the gamer audience. While they had already patented a new DualSense control with haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers and an integrated microphone, things seem to be getting older. According to the text published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Sony would be about to develop a system to «generate video game entries.» Through what? «a non-luminous passive object held by the user».

One of the images presented by Sony to plot how the device would be used.

In other words, this non-luminous passive object could be a glass, a book, or even a banana. But to what end? Sony mobile is producing drivers that result in a cheaper option than the classic joysticks that all PlayStation users use. They defined it in the company: «It would be desirable if the user could use a cheap and simple non-electronic device as a peripheral for video games. This patent seeks to address or at least alleviate some of the problems identified above.» In addition, as confirmed in the statement, the device will even have the technology to distribute virtual buttons along the object, obviously with the help of another device, such as the camera of a virtual reality headset to use as a traditional joystick.

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